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Garonne Valley, a cross-border area: Floating debris

Countries: Spain, France
Border(s): France-Spain-Andorra,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Spain
- The environment, resources and waste
- Watercourses
- Natural and rural areas

Lead partner: SMEAG (Syndicat Mixte d´Etudes et d´Aménagement de la Garonne)

Implemented within the framework of "La Vallée de la Garonne, un territoire transfrontalier" (The Garonne Valley: a cross-border area) project, which was initiated by the Généralité de Catalogne (theGenerality of Catalonia), the Conseil Général du Val d´Aran (the Departmental Council of the Aran Valley) and SMEAG, this "sub-project" provides for a management plan on floating debris in the Garonne river. For the time being, the area is limited to the Aran Valley and the upstream Garonne.


  • Généralité de Catalogne (the Generality of Catalonia)
  • Conseil Général du Val d´Aran (the Departmental Council of the Aran Valley)

Project goals

To collect debris floating upstream: Designing a cross-border "floating debris" management plan for the upstream Garonne should enable blockage sites and fly tipping to be identified, and maintenance of the river and its banks to be organised, by reserving, on each side of the border, retrieval and processing channels specifically adapted to this particular type of waste.

Target group(s)

Project managers in the implementation of actions and work concerning floating débris; Local population

Project activities

The study will take place in two phases:

  • Synthesis and analysis of information gathered on each side of the border
  • Proposal for a coordinated model of waste collection and a management plan with the French and Spanish partners